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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) come and go, and with them, goes your email address! Now you can keep your existing ISP and related EMail address for as long as you like. Changing your ISP will be totally transparent to your friends, contacts and business associates.

How does this work?   You establish your real ISP address as you wish. (You probably have one now.) When you sign up with you let us know your real ISP address - but, you give to your Family, friends and accociates the name you'd like to keep using even if you decide you no longer wish to remain with your existing real ISP.

So, let's say you want to be known as ''.   First, will determine that the name 'jo' is not reserved nor being used by anyone, then will establish the name ( for you. makes your alias name ( point to your real ISP address. Your real ISP will still be receiving your mail - but mail sent to gets routed to your address and the sender is unaware of this process. (Of course, anyone sending to your real ISP address will have success.)

You can inform your contacts of this 'new' address (, and most mail will be sent to you this way. It would help, too, if you modified your Reply to: address in your browser to reflect your permanent address (

Then - you move, or you get a better deal on a new ISP. The nice thing is, you simply let know your new 'real' ISP address, and the change takes place immediately. No lost mail, no having to tell all your contacts that you have a new address - because will route your email automatically to the new real address. is a service, oriented to providing you with an email address that will never change, no matter your ISP or the specifics of your 'real' address. If you ever change your email address, just let us know so we can update your alias; You retain control of your email address on the web.

        You can 'be yourself' forever  ~ [ ].

In other words, use  ''  as the adress you give to friends and family and business associates, and receive all your email from your real ISP mailbox.

Still have questions?     Read the FAQ's.

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